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The division for teaching & Learning Development, NTUNHS

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Organizational Structure & Job Responsibilities

Organizational Structure & Job Responsibilities
(1) Teachers' Accreditation Division
 i. Planning and implementing the system of evaluating teaching professionalism
 ii. Assessing and revising relevant mechanisms of teaching assessments
 iii. Assessing and revising relevant mechanisms of teacher evaluations
 iv. Implementing tasks pertaining to teacher evaluations
(2) Teachers' Growth Division
 i. Implementing plans pertaining to the intermediate and long-term
  development of the pedagogical professionalism of teachers
 ii. Organizing pedagogical seminars and workshops 
 iii. Assisting in developing innovative and digital courses and teaching
 iv. Providing support and services pertaining to digital teaching
 v. Carrying out other matters pertaining to the advancement of teaching
  capabilities and other supportive functions (in compliance with the
  regulations governing the Center for Faculty Development)